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Late Night Hashtags #MyWeirdWaiter might be my favorite hashtag of the year

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When Sherlock comes back.

Lee Pace’s versatility

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friendly reminder that all they had to change was that John Winchester wasn’t his father.

This is Dean with no alteration other than the life he was born into. If Bobby and Ellen were his parents and he didn’t have to grow up the way John raised him. This would be Dean. This is who Dean is, if he was able to express himself in a healthy way. This is who Dean is underneath all that John Winchester got to be a manly-man bullshit.

A prius driving, colorful fashionable outfit wearing, phone on a fucking clip on his belt wearing, salad/clense doing, frilly coffee drinking, recipe sharing successful metrosexual (comfortably bisexual) businessman. 

You done fucked up, John

I have to say I thought it was another show where Jensen appered because Dean Smith and Dean Winchester are so f-ing different…

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Never forget.


i was talking to my friend about the similarities between gryffindor and slytherin, and he told me to come up with a concise way to explain the differences between the two.

so i told him, “if you make a gryffindor mad and they storm out on you, they’ll get a lot of satisfaction out of slamming the door behind them. but a slytherin will leave it wide open, because they’ll get the most satisfaction knowing they made you get up to close it.”